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Barnier Piano has been in business since 1982 serving the piano community in Minneapolis / St Paul. Technician MARK BARNIER is a college trained professional who has also completed rigorous training at Steinway and Sons in New York.
Serving the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, he is an integral part of the rebuild program team at one of the USA’s foremost Steinway dealerships, the SCHMITT MUSIC COMPANY. Mark specializes in Steinway piano action work, and has rebuilt and restored many Steinway pianos to the delight of their owners. Mark is also a member of the team that tunes and maintains the pianos at the UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA SCHOOL OF MUSIC.


Piano services offered by Barnier Piano include: piano tuning, piano repairs, piano action rebuilds, piano voicing, action regulation, piano humidity-system installation – and much more.

BAGPIPES – Mark is also a classically trained bagpiper – click HERE to discover more about Mark’s bagpipe services.



Cell:763-300-3850     Office: 763-441-6248


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