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Piano Tuning & Repair in St. Cloud

Piano Tuning

In order to produce a predictable and pleasing sound, a piano must be in tune; this requires regular service from a professional piano technician. Since 1982, musicians have trusted Mark Barnier for piano tuning and repair in St. Cloud and the surrounding area. With a keen ear and a strong eye for detail, Mark Barnier will put his extensive training and years of experience to work adjusting the strings on your piano so that they produce the most appealing sound possible. As a proud member of the piano service team at the University of Minnesota School of Music, Mark is fully prepared to skillfully tune any piano.

Piano Repair

Fluctuations in temperature and humidity, plus a piano’s construction and use, can affect how well it functions, which will make a major difference in how music sounds. Having rebuilt 45+ Steinway pianos in his time, Mark is very familiar with the methods individual manufacturers use to build their pianos and how the components of each one work. With nearly 4 decades of experience in providing the piano repairs St. Cloud musicians require to keep the music scene thriving, Mark Barnier is ready to go to work on your piano, too.

Dampp-Chaser Climate Control Systems

Humidity that fluctuates widely can cause a piano to wander in and out of tune. It can also make keys sticky and slow to respond. If you’re experiencing these symptoms with your piano, contact Mark Barnier Piano Service to install or repair a Dampp-Chaser Climate Control System.




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