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Piano Tuning & Repair in Plymouth, MN

Music in Plymouth

Plymouth, Minnesota is a beautiful town located a mere 12 miles northwest of downtown Minneapolis. With its ideal location near many major highways, Plymouth is the ideal city for musical events of every size and scope. When music is being played in Plymouth, you’ll usually find a piano in the mix of instruments. Mark Barnier has been providing the piano tuning and repair Plymouth area musicians have relied upon to product fantastic sound since 1982.

Piano Tuning

Piano owners in Plymouth know that regular tuning and repairs must be made in order for their pianos to sound their very best. Time, humidity, and use all affect how well a piano sounds and functions. From adjusting strings to repairing broken keys, and fixing malfunctioning pedals, Mark Barnier will put over 35 years of experience to work for you to ensure your piano produces the finest music possible.

Piano Repair

Mark Barnier does far more than simply tune pianos in the Plymouth area, he has rebuilt over 45 Steinway pianos and repaired countless others in the past 3 ½ decades. Each piano manufacturer constructs pianos in a unique way, and Mark Barnier understands the intricacies of each. Every nut, every bolt, every key, every string—he’s repaired, replaced, and tuned them all, which is why musicians rely on Mark Barnier Piano Service for piano repairs in Plymouth.

Dampp-Chaser Climate Control Systems

Pianos tend to go out of tune more quickly, or struggle with sticky or stuck keys, when they are housed in a room where the humidity is prone to fluctuations. Mark Barnier Piano Service is a Dampp-Chaser Climate Control Systems dealer, installer, and repair technician and will help control the humidity around your piano with this innovative system. Count on Mark Barnier to help you produce beautiful music in the Plymouth area for years to come!




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