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Piano Tuning & Repair in Maple Grove

Music in Maple Grove

Maple Grove, Minnesota is a diverse community situated in the Twin Cities Metro Area. Live music, especially piano music, plays an integral part in Maple Grove’s vibrant cultural life. Whether in popular event venues or private residences, the piano is an important part of the exciting sound being produced in Maple Grove. Since 1982, Mark Barnier Piano Service has been keeping these pianos tuned and in optimal playing condition, ensuring that Maple Grove’s next musical event is its best!

Piano Tuning

The piano is an instrument which yields gorgeous sounds that can have a profound effect on listeners. If you own or play a piano in Maple Grove, Minnesota, you know proper tuning and service is key to creating good music. Over time, the environment, and how a piano is constructed, affect how well it functions─ it begins to stray in and out of tune, keys become sticky, pedals malfunction, and so on. Whether you are a concert pianist or a parent in Maple Grove who is enrolling a child in piano lessons, Mark Barnier will tune or repair your piano so that it produces the finest sound possible.

Piano Repair

Mark Barnier has rebuilt over 45 Steinway pianos and has intimate knowledge of every nuance, including each nut and bolt, in a piano, making him more than capable of repairing any piano in Maple Grove. Mark will ensure that all of your piano’s moving parts are working properly, including the keys, hammers, dampers, and the like. He’ll repair general wear, inspect for compaction of all cloth and leather, and look for damage in the wood resulting from variations in atmospheric moisture. Mark can also replace broken wires, sticking, or slow keys, noisey pedals, and more.

Dampp-Chaser Climate Control Systems

Mark Barnier Piano Service carries, installs, and repairs Dampp-Chaser Control Systems in Maple Grove. If your piano doesn’t stay in tune as it should, or you are frustrated with sticky keys, you may need to control the humidity around it. Call Mark Barnier for more information on this cutting-edge climate control system for your Maple Grove piano today.




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